I value Integrity: I will always do what is right, not what is easy, cheap, popular, or convenient. I will do so without excuse and regardless of the cost. I want people to remember me as a professional they can actively connect with to help them solve their problems; I trust I will guide them on the proper path to better financial decisions.


I value Urgency: One of the core values I exhibit is urgency, as procrastination results in poverty. I value the ideas I bring to the table. I fully support the adage: If you want to predict the future, create it.

Personal Growth

I value Personal Growth: the most important thing is that we must constantly be moving forward. Our growth should never end.


I value Kindness. Jim, my beloved husband, asked what was one of the major lessons I learned from my mom, and I responded, “the value of kindness.” My mom taught me the intrinsic value of kindness.


I value being a Giver. This is probably the most precious value I can stress. Become a giver. It could be your time, your money, knowledge, or wisdom. I attribute so much of my success to giving back. We are blessed, so we are a blessing to others; we are commanded to give. If you have the heart to give, God will give you the seed to sow. I believe you can live your dreams by helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I was told I have a heart of a servant. That was one of the best compliments I could have received.


I value Honor: I am committed to providing women with the strategies and techniques of wealth building in honor of my mother, who sacrificed so much to make my dreams come true.


I value Relationships: I value the relationship with my husband, my best friend. He takes me like I am. He loves me just the way I am.

🎼‘Don’t go changing, to try and please me’ (Just the Way You Are) by Billy Joel

I value my relationships with family members who have treated me with love and respect. Like my mom, I have many long-term friends, and I treasure their relationships immensely.